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B.Giambrone & Co.'s food trend prediction for 2022

A shift in the center of the plate

Veggies will continue to move to the main focus of the plate and we couldn't be more proud!

The rising costs of beef and other center of the plate proteins and also the increased demand from diners for plant-based & vegan menu options make way for an even stronger movement for vegetables to take center stage.

If you don't already follow @chefdanbarber on Instagram you should start in 2022. There is no shortage of vegetable inspiration by the co-founder of 7-Row seeds himself, the above picture is his "Broccoli stalk marrow"

At Giambrone & Co. we pride ourselves on supplying Rochester with the freshest produce available. Our buying philosophy is to buy tight to the market and keep our pars lean to ensure the freshness and shelf life are on the chef's side!


High in vitamin C and with its vibrant pink color Hibiscus is an eye-catcher to your guests and will be sure to sell. We see it more commonly developed in the beverage side of the business, infused in syrups, and used for garnishes. It can also be applied to salad dressings and glazes with its bright and tangy flavor profile. Whatever way you choose to try out this trend, we have you covered with dried Hibiscus flowers or Hibiscus puree, both are stocked items in our warehouse.

Preserved foods

2021 has proved the limits on our food's supply chain. With the shortages in raw materials to facilitate mushroom production we faced an unprecedented cut in cases this fall and the poor harvest and transition to New Mexico for our lettuces this year proved tough! Chefs are wanting to preserve the integrity of an ingredient no matter the market conditions and often times the solution can be preserving; by brining, canning, or pickling.

Our goal is to help communicate to our end users the items that are in peak season so that they can take advantage of the best quality and flavor! Follow us on Instagram @b.giambrone_co to see when new seasonal items are available.

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