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-   ABOUT US  -


B. Giambrone & Co. is a family-owned and operated food service distributor specializing in fresh produce and many specialty food products. For three generations we have taken pride in being one of the few dedicated produce distributors in the area. Produce is a twenty-four-hour-a-day business. the volatility of the markets due to such factors as weather, transportation, and supply requires a full-time commitment. Our knowledge of the business has allowed us to maintain a reputation for quality and service throughout our history, this is demonstrated by our many long-time customers who look to us “exclusively” for their produce needs.

Over the years we have developed many longtime working relationships with growers and shippers throughout the United States. These relationships are also present with our local and regional growers who play an increasingly important role within our industry. Our company size gives us an advantage over the broad-line distributors in that we are able to maintain a more personalized one-on-one communication with our customers. If you’re not currently a customer, we hope to serve you soon. Feel free to contact me or a member of our staff.


-   HISTORY  -

B. Giambrone & Co. evolved from a family business dating back to the early 1900s. Started by Benedetto and Francesca Giambrone the company is now managed by the third generation of the family. The business originated by selling fresh produce door to door from a push cart, and then by horse and wagon. As our family grew so did the company. A retail and wholesale facility eventually opened serving metro Rochester.

In time, the retail business was closed to focus on the wholesale side of the business. In 1987 a fire forced the company to relocate to its current location. Today we employ some of the finest people in the industry and operate out of a fully refrigerated facility. Our products are delivered daily by our fleet of refrigerated trucks to ensure the freshest and highest quality possible.

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