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Valentine's Day Menu Inspiration

Are you searching for the finishing touches for your Valentine's Day menu? Look no further! Here are a few ideas from B. Giambrone & Co. that are sure to make your Valentine's specials one-of-a-kind! All items listed are available for special order.


4 X 1 LB Case

(Approximately 15-20 berries per pound)

Stemberries are harvested to maintain a minimum 2-inch stem.

They are typically larger and more symmetrical than regular strawberries and are generally considered sweeter and more flavorful.

Stemberries are perfect for chocolate-dipped strawberries, garnishing cakes, tarts, and other desserts, or used in fruit platters or bouquets.

Pink Glow Pineapple

1 CT or 6 CT Case

Brought to the consumer market in 2020, Pinkglow pineapples have a sweet candy-like taste and are less acidic than a typical pineapple.

Considered a luxury fruit, pink pineapples are rare as they are only cultivated in very limited qualities. Pinkglow pineapples will not come with a crown as it is taken off to reuse for planting.

When juiced, the pineapple keeps its pink color, making the juice a perfect addition to cocktails such as margaritas or Pina Coladas.

Heart Shaped Ravioli

12 x 12 CT Case

Cheese or Lobster Raviolis Available

The perfect addition to Valentine's Day specials, New York Ravioli & Pasta Companys Lobster or Cheese Stuffed Raviolis will charm diners who crave festive specials.

Made from 100% whole milk ricotta, fresh eggs, and extra fancy durum wheat flour, this fresh and flavorful ravioli will not disappoint.

Locally made on Long Island.

Pink Dragon Fruit

8 - 10 CT Case

Pink dragon fruit boasts a delicately sweet, refreshing, and subtle melon-like flavor, with a striking pink to magenta-colored flesh.

Perfect on their own or used for salads, smoothies, acai bowls, juices, popsicles, cocktails, and sorbets.

Pink dragon fruit can also be cooked into sauces and syrups and used to color and flavor desserts such as pies, cakes, cookies, macaroons, or cheesecakes.

Try cubing and freezing the fruit and placing it into champagne to give the drink a pink hue.


6 x 10 oz Case

Pineberries are a unique fruit that has a blush pink and ivory-colored skin, with bright red seeds scattered throughout.

They have a pleasant flavor that offers a combination of traditional strawberries with subtle undertones of pineapple, hence their name.

They can be used as a substitute for traditional strawberries or pineapples to add a unique twist to dishes and drinks.

Hidden Rose Apples

10 LB Case

Hidden Rose Apples are hybrid apples that grow naturally in the wild and have a sweet and tart strawberry-lemonade flavor.

The best way to display them is raw and thinly sliced, used as a garnish for dishes or paired with sweat and savory spreads, robust cheeses, or meats like chicken, pork, lamb, or turkey.

They also hold their shape well when cooked, making them suitable for baking or sautéing.

Radicchio Rosa

8 CT Case

Radicchio Rosa, also known as Rosalba, is a rose pink variety of radicchio. Its taste is generally less bitter than other varieties of radicchio and has a touch of sweetness.

Radicchio Rosa is best prepared raw to showcase its pink hues. However, it can also be grilled, sautéed, stir-fried, or baked and pairs well with sweet or tangy ingredients, such as fruits, nuts, and vinaigrettes.

Rosa Chicory Mix

12 CT Case

A stunning new offering from California that puts a rose-colored glow on all your mixed salad offerings.

Nestled inside each box are four heads each of garnet Treviso, speckled Castelfranco, and dusty pink radicchio Rosa.

Microgreens & Flowers

The perfect finishing touch!

Add an unexpected pop of color or texture to your plating using microgreens and flowers!

We overnight our orders three times weekly to ensure the freshest available are delivered to your kitchen!

Call us today to place your order!

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