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Staying Organized over the Holidays

1. Keep a checklist

Seems simple but keeping a checklist alongside your prep list will help ensure that you have all the ingredients and staff available to execute increased demands. Another great tool that helps all your sourcing questions is planning your ordering lists in Blue Cart or using it as a reference when speaking to a customer service specialist. Blue Cart also will let answer the question- if a product is inventoried or special or pre-ordered.

2. Focus on one task at a time

During this time of year, the department meetings increase along with the end of fiscal year demands, and let's not forget the big year-end physical inventory count! Focusing on one task or one menu at a time will help you keep your thoughts straight and not forget any detail. You can always reach out to us with any sourcing questions and we can get back to you with all options.

3. Delegate

We all felt the pain this year with the labor shortages across both the FOH & BOH, which oftentimes led hospitality professionals to become even more overworked than usual. While we can't fill your kitchen up with reliable prep cooks with amazing knife skills we can offer some pre-fab solutions to help with the tedious prep schedule for your stocks and sauces. A few favorites this year is our frozen mirepoix or fresh cubed butternut squash!

4. Clean as you go

This concept has been drilled into our brains from as early as cooking with our grandmothers through culinary school and past chefs. It may seem time-consuming but having a clean space can not only help you prep and follow recipes more efficiently but also give you a better mental perspective on what you have already accomplished! Should you run out of a product or something got thrown away on accident, our will call is open Monday-Friday 7 am-3 pm for all those last-minute needs.

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