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Happy National Taco Day!

Get all the produce you need to prepare your taco Tuesday menus here at Giambrone!

  1. Avocados (Available by the 24ct or 48ct Box, or by the Each)

  2. Roma Tomatoes (Available by the 25lb Box or by the Pound)

  3. Spanish Onions (Available by the 50lb Case or by the Pound)

  4. Red Fresno Pepper (Available by the Pound)

  5. Iceberg Lettuce (Available by the 24ct Case or by the Each)

  6. Shredded Iceberg Lettuce (Available by the Case or Half Case)

  7. Baby Spinach (Available by the 4lb Case)

  8. Jalapeno Peppers (Available by the Pound)

  9. Mixed Peppers (Available by the 11lb Case)

  10. Limes (Available by the 24ct Case or by the Each)

  11. Cilantro (Available by the Pound or by 4oz)

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