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Five Produce Products that Help Boost Kitchen Productivity

Chef's and kitchen managers alike are always trying to find ways to increase the productivity in the kitchen and make prep more efficient. Our solution is these top five pre-cut fruit & vegetable options that will keep morale high in your kitchen and allow your staff to have more time creating delicious meals for your guests.

Fresh Cubed Butternut Squash *Seasonal* (4/5# per case)

Available for pre-order with short lead time in the fall/winter months coming locally from Brockport, NY. Why not let the producer do the hard work for you? This fresh butternut squash product allows for 100% yield for your recipes. Their rough diced-shaped pieces allow for even roasting or boiling to make the most delicious risottos or purees in half the time!

Water-Packed Diced Potatoes 20# case

Washed. Peeled. Diced. Our chefs love this product and have used it for menu items such as breakfast potatoes to baked potato soup. This is a regularly stocked item in our warehouse-add it to your order today to increase your productivity in your prep kitchen.

Citrus Delight Fruit Salad Mix- 18# Bucket

This product is a favorite option for many customers from school food services to country clubs. The citrus delight fruit salad mix includes diced cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, red seedless grapes, and orange segments. Perfect for the holiday buffets or weekly Sunday brunch service. Citrus Delight & diced pineapple buckets are stocked items in our warehouse, we also have all cantaloupe and all honeydew pre-cut fruit buckets available for pre-order with a 1.5 week lead time.

Romaine Cuts 6/2# case

This productivity shortcut is a great solution for restaurants and institutions alike. This product boasts a unique cut, which gives it uniformity, longer shelf-life, and a handcrafted look. We also have other salad mixes on inventory including an iceberg and romaine blend, iceberg salad mix, and shredded lettuce all in inventory in our warehouse.

Fresh Diced or Sliced Red or White Onions *Pre-Order/Short Lead Time*

Onions are one of the most popular prepped items as they go in many recipes and menu items. Be more efficient and receive 100% usable product when you pre-diced or sliced onions. We have a short lead time on these products, and you can set up standing weekly or monthly orders to best suit your kitchen's needs. These products are available in a by the case (2- 5#) or split by the 5-pound bag.

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