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Complete Guide to Radicchio's

Radicchio is a member of the chicory family, best known for their spicy bitterness. When eaten raw, its white-veined, purple leaves have a delightfully sharp and bitter flavor. It's also pretty common to see radicchio cooked, either by boiling, sautéing, roasting, or grilling. The cooking brings out some natural sweetness while still providing that iconic bitter kick.

Traditional Radicchio is a year-round stocked item in our warehouse sold by the 12 ct case. Radicchio has tight heads that are made up of thick, compact, deep burgundy leaves with white veining throughout. They have a pleasant, bittersweet flavor that adds slight piquancy, bite, and colorful contrast.

Other Seasonal Radicchio varieties to try this winter- available for special order, when available!

Castelfranco Radicchio (12ct case) has a yellowish-cream leaf with red speckles. This beautiful, tender, lettuce-like ball unfolds like a rose. Castelfranco is delicious when served raw in a salad it has a milder taste and buttery texture than its traditional equivalent.

Trevisano (10-12ct) resembles a spear of red Belgium Endive but has loose leaves with creamy white ribs and more pronounced burgundy color. Trevisano's overall taste is mild with a slight peppery bitterness whether served raw or cooked. Cooking Trevisano will turn the bright burgundy color to brown.

Radicchio Tradivo (2.2LB case) has crisp leaves that are somewhat splayed out like fingers and boasts a strong bitter flavor. It's often served as a side dish roasted or grilled. The leaves can also be eaten raw similar to an endive.

Radicchio Rosa (8ct case) has a short season only available in January-February from California. Rosa has a vivid pink color and it has a crisp texture and most mild bitter flavor than the other radicchio's. It's an eye-catching ingredient that is sure to win over diners visually and culinarily!

Call us today to place your radicchio order and liven up your salads with a kick of radicchio's flavors and colors! 585-272-7070

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