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Benefits of Online Ordering with Blue Cart

Placing an order on Blue Cart is just as easy as ordering on Amazon!

While we love talking to you on the phone sometimes leaving messages on the after-hours voicemail can lead to confusion, and what Chef wants to get a phone call from Giambrone at 7am asking about the order they placed at 1am!

Below are the top three reasons why Chef's benefit from using Blue Cart for placing their orders:

The entire warehouse of products is searchable(& pricing is included too)

The feature is awesome for menu planning, it allows you to see our entire warehouse of products and we do offer more than just produce. If you don't already follow @b.giambrone_co on Instagram- which we like to have weekly features of "Did you know we carry?" items. Pricing is always available should you need to reference anything for food costing or accounting department questions. The search section also lets you see what items are available by the each or pound versus case, allowing you to buy properly for what you demand is. Special orders can also be placed online!

While yes, we can help you with all these questions when you call Monday- Friday from 7 am to 3 pm, but this information on BlueCart is available 24/7- so whether you have a random break on a Sunday afternoon or after a long dinner service you finally get to time to write menus at 10 pm you have all the resources at your fingertips!

Communication between the team

Whenever you place an order on Blue Cart you will get an email confirmation, and so will everyone that has an email on file for your account. It's a great feature because you know your order went through to our system and everyone on your team gets the same confirmation. The days are done when you walk into work wondering if your Sous Chef ordered that extra case of mushrooms for that special luncheon.

Orders can be placed from anywhere

Blue Cart is web-based and you will log in with an email and password and can be accessed from anywhere. There is also a free app available for both Android & I-phones and it allows you to order right from your phone and even in your walk-in cooler! A custom order guide can be created so that it mirrors your current paper order guide to make it even more of a seamless ordering transition.

Other great features of online ordering:

  • There are fields available for each item for your to make a note to us, like "ripe avocados" as well as make notes about delivery like "after 11am" or "drop at back kitchen" etc.

  • When you place an order online it is shared with the entire office staff at Giambrone. All of us look over each order and remind one another of special orders and requests- ensuring even better order accuracy!

  • The system allows for you to repeat a past order or set orders in advance.

Are you ready to start online ordering with Blue Cart?

Call Kate today to get your account set up or additional users added to your existing account. Or call or email with any questions.

Office: 585-272-7070 Cell: 585-498-0318


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