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Add something new to your salad menu with these six greens!

Mache- Available for special order, 6 ct per case

Mache is a cold-weather salad green with a nutty and somewhat sweet flavor, it is comparable to the texture of Bibb & Boston lettuce and can be swapped seamlessly for spinach in both raw and cooked dishes.

Mizuna- Available for special order, 3lb case

Mizuna is also known as a Japanese mustard green or California peppergrass. It is a cross between arugula and mustard, it offers a mild peppery taste. The leaves have serrated edges and a glossy surface that make it sought after for a functional garnish. Mizuna is great eaten raw in salads or tossed into pasta or even pureed into a pesto!

Hydro Bibb, stocked item, 12 ct per case

Bibb lettuce is a small, compact head with pale to medium green leaves. Its outer leaves are soft and buttery, while the inner leaves have a surprising crunch and sweet, mild flavor

Artisan Mini Head Lettuce-Available for special order, 8lb case

Want all the variety of artisanal lettuce without buying many different cases? This special order product packs four different lettuces best for bold salads as they can stand up to the creamiest dressings and toppings without wilting.

Varieties include:

Red & Green Gem- dense and compact heads with wide leaves, with crunchy texture & sweet flavor

Petite Oak- broad with ruffled leaves and a soft, full texture

Tango- frilly leaves that have a sharp and lightly spicy taste

Baby Frisee, stocked item, 12 ct per case

Frisee has feathery leaves that have a gradient from ivory to yellow to bright green. The leaves are delicate yet sturdy enough to be dressed beforehand with vinegarettes. Frisee is meant to be served raw in salads but can also be wilted quickly sauteed to mellow any bitterness.

Belgium Endive, stocked item, 10lb case

Endive can be enjoyed either raw or cooked. When raw, endives are crisp and bitter making them a great addition to salads. When cooked, their sharp flavor softens to a mellow, nutty, sweeter flavor.

Red Endive is also available for special order in a 6.6lb case, it is very similar in taste and texture as the white but their burgundy edging offers a prettier presentation.

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